NETGEAR ProSAFE 5-Port Fast Ethernet Desktop Switch (FS105)


List Price: $29.99
Price: $19.99
You Save: $10.00 (33%)

Product Details

  • Prominence Indicators - Power, Link Activity
  • Services & Support - 5 years on Switch; 1 year on Adapter
  • Barnyard Color - Blue

NETGEAR GS105 ProSafe 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch - 10/100/1000 Mbps


List Price: $70.00
Price: $34.99
You Save: $35.01 (50%)

Product Details

  • Up to 60% lessen power consumption
  • Connects up to 10x faster than Dissipated Ethernet for maximum performance
  • Lickety-split, auto-switching Ethernet connection integrates 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps devices into your network

TRENDnet 5-Port Unmanaged 10/100 Mbps GREENnet Ethernet Desktop Plastic Housing Switch, TE100-S5


List Price: $19.99
Price: $4.99
You Save: $15.00 (75%)

Product Details

  • Tool Type - Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Ports Qty - 5 Ports
  • Lay down 1K MAC address entries

NETGEAR GS108NA ProSafe 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch


List Price: $69.99
Price: $41.39
You Save: $28.60 (41%)

Product Details

  • Supports Windows and Macintosh platforms
  • NETGEAR Fresh features provide energy savings
  • LEDs tip off a exaggerate it easy to monitor link, speed, and activity

Router vs Hub vs Switch vs WAP?

What is the discrepancy between a router, hub, switch, and WAP (Wireless Access Point)? I'm trying to learn more near computer networking....

I googled this but every answer to my absurd is either vague or incomplete.

alk99 | Dec 28, 2009

Hub/switch vs router?

Mailgram comes into house to cable modem, then connecting to computer via ethernet wire. To connect a second computer would a hub / switch do the same job as a router? If not, why - they appearance of to be pretty much the same????


Router/Hub vs Switch.?

I be sure switch only sends the data back to the private/local computer which requested it. consequently with hubs/routers other computers can spy on you? if so, how? i want to learn into networks etc.

A router is a machine that connects 2 or more networks together. Hubs and switches produce networks, and/or "split" a network.
Tech Dude | Feb 27, 2010

What Agencies Need For More Agile Networks

Since then, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Part of Homeland Security, the Defense Department and other agencies be struck by been developing new ways -- and new network architectures -- to write out their data accessible to the... The demand for next-formulation networks gained new momentum last year when the Aegis of Management and Budget (OMB) released the Digital Government Strategy, tasking all agencies "to unlock their figures sets and services to the public" and... The initiative to separate the display and data layers led the agency to develop a business rules appliance that's shared by developers within CMS and industry partners. By implementing a set of corporation rules as a service, separate from the data, CMS system users can access a unwed source of truth rather than different permutations.

Hub Vs Switch Vs Router - News

Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer Offers Network Security and Cost Savings
TMCnet - Dec 29, 2010
NetFlow is a technology created by Cisco Systems that monitors and records all IP transportation passing through the supported router or switch.

Reviewed:The Seagate GoFlex Home
Tech2 - Dec 30, 2010
Reviewed:The Seagate GoFlex Home So all you penury is a router for the Device and off you go, you can now access the data as you would on a normal computer. Today, we devise take a look at the

HTC Media Link DLNA streamer review
Engadget - Dec 30, 2010
Otherwise, you'll be stiff to constantly switch networks whenever you want to make the jump from internet access to streaming media to to the Media Link.

Slow Download From Whs But Upload Fine - Confusing
We Got Served - Dec 30, 2010
I be subjected to a mixed network with a 100Mb router switch connected to a 1Gb switch. WHS has an intel Pro/1000 CT network take action. P4 2.8G with 2G Ram.

Monitoring The Network - Dec 30, 2010
“The network had in the first place been thought of as providing the connection, so you looked at the status of the switch or the router [and] start out what

LG VL600 vs. Pantech UML290
EVDOinfo (press release) - Dec 04, 2010
For those of you that order 3G/4G Router use, at launch, no routers will be compatible. For those that stress external antennas and amplifiers,

Hub Vs Switch Vs Router - Bookshelf

Upgrading and Repairing Networks
1024 pages
Upgrading and Repairing Networks

Creator: Scott Soper, Scott M. Mueller, Mark Edward Soper, Terry William Ogletree | Computers - 2006-05-11

A pre-eminent difference between routers and LAN switches is that a router makes decisions based on the network division of the ... your Ethernet LAN was limited to the number of workstations you could second to any particular LAN segment or hub.
Interconnections, Second Edition, Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols
537 pages
Interconnections, Second Edition, Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols

Creator: Radia Perlman | Computers - 2000

Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols Radia Perlman. Chapter. 5. Hubs,. Switches,. Effective. LANs,. and. Fast. Ethernet. I originally resisted adopting the spell switch. Unlike thing, switch ... coined the word switch assuming they were inventing a new concept, in one way different from a bridge or a router.
New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 11th Edition, Introductory
576 pages
New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 11th Edition, Introductory

Creator: June Jamrich Parsons, Dan Oja | Computers - 2008-02-01

Count on 5-19 illustrates some popular network adapters. Reckon 5-19 Ethernet adapters Ethernet adapter for USB port Ethernet adapter for PC slot Should I buy an Ethernet hub, switch, or router? A network hub is a strategy that links two or more ...