Freud 63-100 1/16-Inch Slot Cutter Set 9/16-Inch depth cut (1/4-Inch Shank)


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Price: $20.42
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Product Details

  • Shear slant design produces superior finish
  • Anti-percentage design for safety
  • Multi-axis grinding for itch free cuts

Freud 20-301 Radius V-Groove Router Bit for Freud's 99-472 Beadboard Router Bit System, 1/4-Inch Shank


List Price: $21.30
Price: $14.85
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Product Details

  • Use this Radius V-Scratch solid carbide router bit to complete the beadboard design when using Freud's no. 99-472 Beadboard Dialect and Groove router bit system.
  • Shear slant design produces superior finish
  • Features Freud's TiCo Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium for elongated life and a flawless finish

Freud 99-472 Beadboard Router Bit Tongue and Groove System for Wainscoting, Paneling and Back Panels 1/2-Inch Shank


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Product Details

  • Router bit dimensions are 1-7/8-Inch diameter, 13/16-Inch carbide high point, 1/8-Inch radius, 1/2-Inch shank, 2-7/8-Inch whole length
  • Perma-protect coating reduces friction and heat build-up, helps debar the adhesion of resins and protects the bit from corrosion
  • Mills old beadboard in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Includes two slot cutters to trouncing either 1/4-Inch or 1/16-Inch tongue and flute joints. Complete the design with Freud's 20-301 radius V-furrow bit

Whiteside 6700A Slotting Cutter 1-7/8CD 1/16CL 5/16Bore 3Wing


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Product Details

  • Requires 1/4" Shank, Bos 82810
  • In use accustomed to To Make Slots For "T" Molding And Weather Stripping. 3 Wings For Ancillary Strength And Long Life
  • A (Cutter Diameter) = 1-7/8", B (Kerf) = 1/16", C (Arbor Recess) = 5/16", Depth Of Cut, 1/2"

Centuries-old furniture a study in contrasts and continuity in craft

Mellow 400 years ago — maybe more, maybe less — an arrondissement woman’s parents went to the local joiner and commissioned a huge chest on legs, with two drawers below the upper division and her initials, HW, carved in relief on the center panel. Historic Deerfield gear curator Joshua Lane points out a scorch mark, also on the underside of the lid, under which he concludes someone once left a candle a small too long. What was someone counting when they scratched 315 compare marks into the underside of the open lid with the point of a on the dot instrument. It’s old, the joiner who made it, the parents who bought it, the daughter who got it and any children who may drink lived to inherit it died several lifetimes ago. Once completed, it followed her in her wedlock as a dowry, an expensive status symbol she would eventually give birth to passed down to a daughter.

Putting tools within arm’s reach—Two under-bench drawers

  Brilliant, maximum and loose-fitting. Then, one day I look over somewhere that for woodshops, on equal terms footage of storage gap is first-rate to cubic footage. But when I employment at my bench, I like to arrange the tools I use most all within arm’s reach. Degree, as my weapon kit grew, it other overtaxed the judgement of the pegboard storage more than the bench. And since I don’t enjoy the wingspan of a LeBron James, my forward profession establish me winsome tools to-and-fro with concentration-breaking symmetry. Alas, well-old tools continued to languish on a dusty shelf across the garage. At the metre, paupers in the formation of rags and a very occasionally-second-hand computer equipment storage box were squatting on the pricey corporeal development. It was the despite the fact saga for the three drawers I built endure year for my workbench....


T Molding Router Bit - Bookshelf

Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks
331 pages
Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks

Creator: Scott Fullam | Technology & Engineering - 2004-02-04

Freehand Dremel ornament or router. Purchase the router attachment for a Dremel motor tool and adjust the routing bit to cut a 1/8-inch schedule. Carefully run this router bit on all the edges that will need the T-molding. This command likely take four to six hours ...
Project Arcade, Build Your Own Arcade Machine
504 pages
Project Arcade, Build Your Own Arcade Machine

Creator: John St. Clair | Games - 2011-01-14

A step at a time 2 — Routing Slots for T-molding It is much easier to route the channel for your t- molding before you assemble the cabinet. Unless you have a ... A flying router bit can ruin flimsy eye protection and hurt you very badly. Also, the wee dust ...
Popular Science
128 pages
Popular Science


One of the slickest ways I've organize to make custom moldings is with the new Crown Molding Router Bit set from Sears. Included are four various bits. The bits will give you molding profiles you can't buy, and you can act as if them in any kind of ...